Front of House, a new Chapter

I recently started work as an FOH engineer. After years of the studio I felt like I needed to feel a little fear again. And fear I felt.

I was approached with the proposition to FOH for a band planning a festival tour this summer. I like the band, know  the music and assisted on the production of their record a couple years back. So I thought, why not.

I wasn’t really sure what i was getting myself into but when I started google-ing the festivals they were booked to play at I started getting sweaty palms. Gigantic stages, towering line arrays, crowds reaching the end of the horizon and digital consoles of the like I didn’t even know existed. Suddenly the idea of sitting behind LowSwing’s 5316 was as comforting as a motherly embrace.

One foot in front of the other. I began asking around and letting my friends and colleagues know what I had gotten myself into. The response was overwhelmingly positive, supportive and encouraging. Everyone had advice and tips for me, numbers I could call and email address’s I could write to for help and counsel. I was even invited to join a band on one of their shows to follow their sound guy around to see what its all about. An offer I couldn’t refuse and a priceless experience.

The biggest lesson I learned was preparation. Know as much as you can about everything beforehand. And when I mean everything, I mean everything.

My first show turned out pretty amazing! Thanks to the helpful and super professional attitude of the stage team at Open’er Festival. I couldn’t have had a better first show!

Im finding the FOH experience to be a great one and I look forward to touring with Mary Komasa this autumn in Poland.


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