I spent most of last month working on an upcoming EP for an unknown artist that goes by the name of Brando.

The songs are cemented in text and evolved out of words, stories and metaphors. Focusing on Brando’s vocal performances, which ranged from rap, poetry and spoken word, was the key to making each song and each story come alive. With music ranging from solo piano, smooth Rhodes beats and electro synth bangers, the EP showcases Brando’s range of vocal ability.

The video I have added today is a little compilation of clips done with my phone while recording a track which features a great composer and piano player. Getting the recording of the Bösendorfer grand piano at LowSwing Studio was key to bringing this track to life. Removing the lid off the piano really brought the sound to bloom and a well placed SM57 re-amped through an AC15 brought a special energy to certain octaves.

The EP should be released early next year.

Composition: Manfred Hübler

Piano: Anna von Raison

Text: Brando

Recorded by Florian von Keyserlingk


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