Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Sky Cries Mary)

“Flo was a fantastic engineer to work with. Not only does he know all the required technical
stuff, having worked in one of Berlin’s top recording studios– but more than that he has
the kind of advanced musical understanding and rhythm feel to make him an invaluable
person to have on your side during a production.

He is also very enjoyable as a human being, which also helps alot during long intense days
working in the field of sound and music.”

Guy Sternberg (Michael Wollny, Keane, Bela B, Prag)

“Flo is an hard and devoted worker that looks for no short cuts to solve a problem, this is a unique and important quality for an engineer working on your project. His great deal of patient and his qualities as a listener always gave a relaxed and creative atmosphere at a session , helping to keep the focus clear. Together with his great technical abilities and vision he is the one you want to be around when you are working on the thing most important to you, your music.”

Alex Stolze (Bodi Bill, Dictaphone, Unmap)

“Working with Florian as an Engineer means to feel home. No matter, what we needed or the recording requested, he had the right balance between experiment and aknowledgement to find the matching sound or recording situation. his engagement for the detail might be his main PLUS. (we did string-, vocal-, live-bandrecordings, as well as overdubs) but also his friendly and straight character makes work with him very, very easy and effective.”


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