middle format studio moments

Here are a couple of photos I took back around 2011 with my ADOX Golf Middle Format camera. Yes, Im proud of it.

Michael Wollny @ Hansa Studios

Michael Wollny @ Hansa Studios

The shot above is of Michael listening back to takes for the [em] album Wasted & Wanted. That was the first time I was ever inside that Hansa studio’s, where records like David Bowie – “Heroes”, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – The Firstborn Is Dead or U2 – Achtung Baby were recorded. History was just oozing out of the walls there and their custom colored Hansa Blue SSL 4000-E is a thing of beauty.

Guy Sternberg @ LowSwing Studio

Guy Sternberg @ LowSwing Studio

This shot of Guy was taken during a jam session in the winter of 2011 where Micheal Wollny (keys) , Tim Lefebvre (bass), Sebastian Merk (drums) and Nikolai Ziel (drums) improvised some amazing music for two days at LowSwing. I felt lucky to be a part of that. And this photo is just too damn old school not to include in this nostalgic photo post.

Tim Lefebvre @ LowSwing Studio

Tim Lefebvre @ LowSwing Studio

A ghostly outline of Tim as he rocked improvised bass lines from another planet. Awesome. Until he blew the studio fuse.. still trying to figure out how he did that..


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